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SecuritySpeak is a brain trust of experts from the public and private sectors leading the fields of cyber security, crisis management, U.S. national security and global security affairs. They are impassioned professionals with incisive minds who communicate well from the podium. Our speakers are accessible, articulate and deeply devoted to sharing their insights with audiences of all types. 

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SecuritySpeak is a boutique speakers bureau representing professionals in cybersecurity, U.S. national security, crisis management and global security affairs for audiences worldwide. Speakers are leaders in their fields, skilled and experienced at the podium and devoted to educating audiences of all types. Each speaker works to puts a human face on the critical topics of our time. You'll enjoy hosting them and making use of their inimitable insights and perspectives. 

Give a call to Lisa Bernard, twenty-year veteran of the speaking industry. You can start considering candidates today and be well on your way to meeting your needs for a guest speaker.

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