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Is Putin the New Power Broker in the Middle East? ... ISIS: Roots, Realities and Responses ... The Soul of CyberSafety: Technology and Behavior and Behavior & Technology ...


Who coordinates your speaker's travel and accommodations and sees that s/he is briefed on your audience, program and expectations?  We do!  Let Lisa Bernard's skills at preparing speakers lighten your load. 

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Need a briefing for your Board?  Need a primer for your employees?  Need to provide your students with a glimpse of their studies applied outside the classroom?  SecuritySpeak provides speakers for a variety of forums - from a "closed-door Q&A" to a ʺone-day university" as well as traditional platforms like lectures, seminars, keynotes and panel presentations. 

You don't need every detail about your date or budget or even your audience's needs and interests to start the process of working with SecuritySpeak. We maintain a YouTube channel showcasing speakers in action and a blog, Security Briefs, with their analyses of news items and developing stories. Stop in from time to time and when you're ready, reach out to Lisa Bernard for ideas on topics, venues and programs as well speakers, dates and budgets... read more

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Give a call to Lisa Bernard, twenty-year veteran of the speaking industry. You can start considering candidates today and be well on your way to meeting your needs for a guest speaker.

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