Dr. Austin Long

Ph.D., MIT, irregular warfare, nuclear strategy, terrorism specialist

With experience in the theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan and the discipline of a political scientist, Austin Long leads his generation as an analyst of international security matters.  He brings a compelling narrative style to his extemporaneous talks on ISIS, U.S. military affairs, Russian foreign policy and the dynamics of the new Middle East ... read more

Our speakers are thought leaders in their fields - specialists with impeccable reputations and credentials.  They are innovative and imaginative and deeply devoted to educating others on the most compelling security issues of our time.

​"Lisa is an exceptional speaker, writer, coach and consultant. I have learned so much from her speaker-oriented training and workbook… "

Sandra Long
Owner, Post Road Consulting

Ami Soifer, CEO   

World-class engineer of IT designs, entrepreneur, C-Suite role model, bridging the IT, cybersecurity and entrepreneurial worlds...

Ami Soifer is an Israeli-born American with over twenty-five years of IT experience working with mission-critical Global 2000 firms such as UBS, Perrier and GE Capital as well as municipalities and hedge funds of all sizes.  He is considered by many to be one of the world's foremost secure application delivery experts ...read More

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Sampling of Speakers' Profiles

​"Communication "brain trust" Lisa Bernard has been a go-to source for me since I first retained her 10 years ago as an instructor and consultant for my corporate communications work with a Japanese trading company..."

Carol Schneider
CEO and Chief Simplicity Officer, SimpleSizeMe, LLC

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Dr. Paul Bracken

Nuclear strategy, international security   

Paul Bracken has devoted his career to the strategic application of technology to aid American businesses and U.S. national defense.  An engineer and a political scientist, he is a thought leader on solutions for senior management of the U.S. military and private industry.  He is the author of The Second Nuclear Age, a tour de force book that assesses the sweeping evolution in nuclear politics since the Cold War... read More